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Big Data (Hadoop) 48 hours Hackathon ❖ Microsoft

1045 La Avenida St, Mountain View, CA

Google - MS team of two coders
Referees referee
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Project: App for SF downtown parking meters
  • 02/09/13 Awarded 4th (of 6) place. 12 teams participated.
  • Technology used: Collaboration ADO.NET with Google Maps API
  • Our team of 2: Steve Pimen ( JS, G. Maps API, C#) and Microsoft C#, (ADO.NET, T-SQL) programmer from the campus. Super smart and well-educated Indian coder. It was nice to work with her.
Software used:
  • SF City Park Meters Database with limited temporary 48 hours access.
  • Visual Studio, Excel
  • Google Map API with clustering

Project implementation

  • Front-End: Google map with ~ less than 400 color-coded pins. VANILLA JavaScript! Each pin represents a parking meter in San Francisco. The green pin is an unoccupied, definitely unpaid meter. The Red pin -- paid, Yellow -- less than 5 minutes of payment left. Refreshed every minute. Programmed Google Map API ver 3.0 to JavaScript arrays. Refreshed G. map by timer every 2 minutes on our laptop.
    Challenge was to add image processing footage from observed parking spot city video camera. Processed footage would confirm the real Free Parking Meter. The real-time image processing is heavy and not all meters are under surveillance. Those meters depend on their timer only. But if a car would leave earlier → inadequate data is present in the system. Proposal on additional 3 sets of colors denied for the meters without cams.
  • Back-End or Server-side: ADO.NET to San Francisco City Park Meters Database. City Representative observed/analyzed the Hackathon, but he was not on the Referee team, he just consulted us on the city DB access.
    Challenge was to sync each minute a few Megabytes of the JavaScript array and Hadoop-like SF city DB. The Google API works only with JS Array or JSON (GeoJSON) file, but not directly with large event-driven DB.