➤ Serch Engine Optimization

SEO must be the last step of any web-project

Preparation and Checklist

Major SEO Steps

Some of the following topics are related and influenced by each, so those should be redone (re-tuned) repeatedly during the SEO development. Only experienced SEO-Master has the smooth daily progress control of your TSPN w/o any oops

  1. Improving your Internet (technical) credentials if necessary. E.g. your domain or/and email are on “Blacklisted Public IP” or “Blacklisted Domain name”
  2. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
  3. Setup Google/Bing/Yahoo Analytics
  4. Setup Google/Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tool
  5. XML site map submission to the webmaster tool
  6. Setup Social Bookmarking with Media bars on your pages
  7. Press Release Submissions
  8. Working with Positive Blog Comments and trying to spin some negative comments with your smart comments or reply. You can not delete those if it is not on your server
  9. Create pages on your social websites and link them to your website
  10. Unique word - press release
  11. Google and Bing Search Engine Submission. Yahoo or other search engines upon request.
  12. Create accounts on Yelp.com and BBB.org and link to your web. Negotiate with a customer who left “negative Remarks” as a third-party independent intermediator.
  13. Create and change Meta tags/Title tags. Monitor progress and keep history in SEO logs
  14. Keywords research/Analysis/changes
  15. Heading tag changes
  16. Alt tag changes
  17. Interlinking wherever required by your field of the market on your website
  18. Creation Ror.XML File
  19. Create Robots.txt File
  20. Google map (Bing map) your company location(s) pointer(s)

1-21. If your competitors get you down in the search list or your website has some tech problems then we must repeat daily, weekly or monthly some of the steps listed below as a common SEO fight. The frequency depends on the competitiveness of your industry.

We have a few business websites. The SEO is great on 2 of those.

Following (Geo-location sensitive) sentences in my SEO contracts (with my customers):

1. Google/Bing search phrase: "Watsonville lock shop" → Pajaro Valley Lock Shop
2. Google/Bing search phrase: "HVAC Carbon county Utah" → Air Temp Heating & Cooling LLC
As the search result on the first page, in the Business Section: My websites have the 1st and the 2nd place respectively or 1st [TSPN]

These SEO results keep my customers happy!

Time Frame and Success definitions

Success measured by [TSPN]: Your business/website is among the top 10 entries of the first search page. The Predefined Search Phrase(s) should be included in our contract.
Time Frame: 2-8 weeks after completion and testing of your PRODUCTION or completed website.
Success and Time Frame depend on the competitiveness of your industry!
For Example, we worked few days and after one-week success was achieved on the following search phrase ”furnace carbon county Utah” brings my client's website to the second line and the first map pin on a Google map search. You can try it just copy the phrase and paste it to the address bar of Chrome browser

What can affect or destroy Success? (in order of severity):

  1. Domain assigned (DNS A-Record) or relocated to a bad (black-listed) public static IP address.
  2. Your competitors (web developers) work harder and more consistently.
  3. If two competitors start to fight dirty on media or the Internet - they both lose ranking (TSPN)!
  4. Negative remarks or complaints from your customers or ANY Negative Social Media remarks related to your domain name to which the SSL Certificate was assigned.
  5. Expired SSL certificate (affects mostly Google/Bing search). Starting in 2018, SSL is the major requirement for SEO!
  6. The period your SEO is neglected. We charge $50-$250 per month to fight for your TSPN.
  7. Google is the most flexible and progressive company. It changes SEO regulations constantly. Those changes do not affect your TSPN significantly but if you neglect your SEO for a long time and do not follow the Google changes → you may not see your website on 1st page.

Changing CMS converting your website to a different system 'never affects' the Success, if such changes have been made by a professional webmaster trained in the SEO field.